Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Sweden-Album-Box

I had originally planned to fill a regular
Scrapbooking Album with this wonderful holiday memories.
But the years went by and the prints still lay in my photobox.
So when I had a few days of time in November I sat down
and started a Din-A5-Album...but during the process of
filling this first album I realized that I would need more
room for all the photos I wanted to be saved!
So I prepared 2 more... (;
And having 3 finished mini-books brought me to the conclusion
that these 3 needed a place where they were together - safe!
So I also built their HOME! (;
And here is the finished box!
...I stamped the handmade stamp upside down...(;
 The 3 of them in their little house! (;
 They are marked in the correct order! (;
 And here are a few of the inside pages!
 I painted my own Dalarna-horse! (;
 As you can see - WE'RE CRAZY!! (;
 The piece of handmade paper peeking out from the envelope
is made of winter-elk-poo! (;
(which is not as bad as it sounds, because their winter-poo contains a
very high percentage of cellulose because they only eat veggies!)


  1. Katharine, you're sooo creative! What beautiful albums you created. So fun to see you handiwork:0) Heidi

  2. Ooops...I mean seems you can't edit posted comments;0) Heidi


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